JK Technosoft(JKT)とは

インドの巨大財閥JK ORGANISATIONの中核企業で、上流~下流まで一気通貫で請け負うIT企業。

創業 1994年
従業員数 1,300人
拠点 8拠点(インド5拠点、イギリス・アメリカ・バングラデシュ各1拠点)
主な取引先 Unilever、Ford、SONY、ING、Coca Cola、Pepsi、AVIVA 等
HP https://jktech.com/
President&CEO Dr.Sanku Bose

(Dr. Sanku略歴)インド工科大学デリー校にて
修士課程:Mathematics and Computer Science、博士課程:AI and Roboticsを修了。
その後、約28年に渡りコンサルBig4でFortune 500を顧客にグローバルビジネスを牽引。


JK財閥グループ会社のJK Paper Ltd.は2012年に丸紅及び王子HDと合弁会社を設立した経緯あり。

創業 1888年
グループ総売上 50億USドル超
グループ従業員数 50,000人超
産業 製造・建設・物流・保険・科学・IT等
創業者 Lala Juggilal Singhania
HP https://jkorg.in/


*About JKT

JKT- a HIGH IQ Company, is a global software services and solutions company enabling clients to deliver sustainable success by providing value-driven services & solutions. JKT’s strategic technology-backed solutions are designed to equip your business with competitive edge you require. We specialize in delivering customized solutions that use sustaining and next generation disruptive technologies ? Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, RPA, IoT, Blockchain alongside the underlying enterprise services, application development services, cloud and education services, to ensure your business stays one step ahead of competition.

Having 100+ customers in over 20 countries, we pride ourselves in becoming long-term strategic partners by continuously raising our bar and investing in customer success. Our team of 1300 inspired experts combine their experience and knowledge to deliver predictable outcome on every project we undertake, across domains, industries and technologies.

JKT has some of the renowned key customers like Unilever, Ford, SONY, AVIVA, ING, Coca Cola, Pepsi etc.

JK Technosoft (JKT) was founded in 1994, as part of the US$ 5 billion JK Organization, a century old conglomerate and one of the top 10 industrial groups in India with history of innovation and social contribution. The business rose to prominence in Kanpur, India, under Lala Kamlapat Singhania (Founder of JK Org). JK Organizations’ business footprint spans six continents and 100 countries. The 125+-year-old group derives its ethics and values from decades of abiding engagement in national service and nation building.


Enabling businesses to make informed decisions with data driven analytics using automation, artificial Intelligence and deep learning.

JKT has great set of customers in Japan specially in manufacturing industry. Recently, JKT is partnered with ANBISHIO as first agency in Japan to focus on Artificial Intelligence Technology.

Visit us at http://www.jktech.com for more information.

*JKT President and CEO: Dr. Sanku Bose

Dr Sanku Bose is currently the President and Global CEO of JK Technosoft (JKT), a holding company of the 140+ year old prestigious US$5+ Bn JK Group led by the Singhania family.

Accomplished, visionary, resourceful and goal-oriented professional with over twenty-eight years of management and technology consulting experience with Big 4 consulting firms and leading organization globally. Dr. Bose is academically qualified with doctorate degree in AI & Robotics from IIT Delhi.

*Digital and Innovation Lab at JKT

The wave of Digital Transformation has surfaced cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of things. While the promise of these technologies to deliver value is high, businesses are finding it difficult to identify how they fit into their existing technology framework. With this problem as premise, Digital innovation lab was established at JKT. We strive to deliver out of the box solution built around AI, Blockchain, IoT, Mobility and Progressive web apps. The image below outlines the objective of Digital innovation Lab.

*Artificial Intelligence at JKT

JKT’s AI/ML/DL expertise helps businesses in many ways, leading to the introduction of innovative technologies and more advanced concepts of artificial thinking. Through a statistical- and data-driven approach to creating AI solutions, we identify key business processes as target to help our customers to invest in high value assignments.
We help businesses adopt AI Technology solutions which changes the way they use computing services. Almost every aspect of computing behavior has been influenced by machine-learning and deep-learning algorithms. The figure below outlines the key AI service areas that JKT has successfully delivered solutions to.